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ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี

ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี
ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 1ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 2ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 3ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 4ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 5ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 6ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 7ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดีมีไมค์ ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี thumbnail 8
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ราคา 590.00 บาท
อัพเดทล่าสุด 16 ม.ค. 2559
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ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดี ทรงระฆัง (สีดำ)
ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดี ทรงระฆัง (สีดำ)
ราคา 590.00 บาท
ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดี ทรงระฆัง (สีขาว)
ขาย MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดี ทรงระฆัง (สีขาว)
ราคา 590.00 บาท
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ขาย MRice E100A (มีไมค์)

MRice E100A หูฟังเสียงดี ทรงระฆัง มี 2 สี

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ราคา 590 บาท

ได้รับการยอมรับอย่างเหลือล้นในเว็บ Headfi
"Highest Rate Earbud อันดับ1"(อ้างอิง 1/6/2558)
หูฟัง Earbud ที่คุ้มค่าที่สุดในปี 2014
ฟังได้ทั้งวันไม่อึดอัด ไม่ล้าหู
แยกรายละเอียดเครื่องดนตรีได้ดี ฟังได้สนุกทั้งวันไม่มีเบื่อ

Review : Andriod Vegeta @headfi
Pros: $12 for sound that rivals anything I've ever heard...$1,000+ CIEM's included!
Cons: Possible fitting issues. Nothing else otherwise.
Note: These also sell as the Mrice E100. Same exact product just different name.
I haven't even burned these in yet and they're the closest sounding anything I've ever heard when it comes to my preferred V-ish sound signature.
But more on that in a bit...first let me introduce myself and try to give myself some credibility here!

Review :Subwoofer3r@headfi
Pros: Both sound and build quality. Can compete with full size cans without any problem.

Cons: Need to be pointed to ear canal to sound their best.


Earphones cames with a nice little box and 2 pair of white foamies (1 pair of donut and 1 pair of classic covered). I’m always using donuts one since it provides some slightly more details in mids/highs. Too bad that Mrice didn’t provided black foaming with it’s black version (or maybe it’s an error), so getting white foaming into black looks a bit strange.


Mrice (obsoletely named Baldoor) E100 is the best earbud construction I’ve ever seen so far from these years and blows the competition away, clearly. It has a red triangle cable which looks pretty solid and breath quality. It is soft and have a nice touch feeling. Plug is gold plated and is here also the best I’ve seen so far (also the Y cord plug attachment), looks durable and robust (which is not the case of Dasetn M760) and once again very well finished with it’s glossy black and white marks.

Mrice deserve an award for this, the form of a bell (from the name itself of the earbuds) is totally unique and the first of its kind. I guess Mrice has the opportunity to make their own products from A to Z, that’s why they don’t need some already known houses like Dasetn did for M760 house, or Yuin with PK1 house which is very known already also, or Blox TMx also, etc.

I found this form of bell to have some pros and cons. Let’s begin with pros, it stays good on your ears (depends of each persons, I guess mine are small) and after some minutes you don’t even feels them, it’s like you ear sound directly without carrying anything, which is very nice. Unfortunately I won’t recommend this earbud for sports activity, you’ll have to replace them correctly for almost every movements. The cons of this earbell form is that they need to be placed to ear canal directly to provide their best sound (bass are huge if you keep taking them with your hands).

The main interesting thing of course!
I did an almost full week of burning 24/7 with quality pinknoise before concluding the following.
It is simply the best sounding earbud I never had until now! When I try back my M760 or PK1, they sound like toys to me! 

It has the soundstage that I was looking for a while now: not so much (thin) but the right amount (sound almost similar to PK1 but with some more space), unlike M760 which is too much “3D effect” exaggerating.

- Bass : impressive, the best I’ve listened. They can reach low like never seen, well controlled, powerful, can be emphasizing but definitely not invasive. Depth is very impressive for an earbud, even with my full size cans I never faced such bass quality! And even my PK1 which was the king for me in this domain, is now totally bypassed by E100. I’am wondering if the bell house form not playing in this favor, but maybe I’am wrong. PK1 bass to be compared can’t reach a low like this, and sound like a bad subwoofer in front of me.

- Mids : simply the best mids I’ve listened here also, it will be really appreciated for vocals based music lovers. Vocals can shine like never. Mids are very present, they have the right amount of need. Listening to Amy whinehouse has never been so much a pleasure. Everything looks perfect to me in this domain, it is clear and sharp. At the beginning, right out of the box, I found mids maybe a bit too forwarded but it disappeared slightly with some burning.

- Highs : I repeat here also, but the best I’ve ever listened. I watched some videos also with E100 and when small girls shout out, highs can be so hairy but only at the good moment because its like they shout out for real in front of you (very scaring)! I never faced such sensation in any other ear/headphones until now. Highs are precise, every details can be heard.

Overall mids and highs are definitely not fatiguing, which is a very good thing.
They absolutely don’t requires any amp (32 ohms) but they shines better amped, like PK1, with some more bass boost (due to ear angle problem), but generally speaking, I guess that every earbuds are shining better with an amp anyway.
I found this pair perfect for every kind of music. From classical to electronic, everythig is perfect.

My personal comparison by performance categories :

- Bass can :
E100 > PK1 > ES10 > M760 > TG-38s

- Mids can :
E100 > M760 > TG-38s > PK1 > ES10

- Highs can :
E100 > TG-38s > M760 > PK1 > ES10

- Overall soundstage :
M760 > E100 > TG-38s > PK1 > ES10

I think this Mrice E100 will stay my best pair for a while now. No earbud can compete with this quality (both in term of construction and sound quality).
Mrice did a great job for only 19$.
For every earbud lovers, THIS is the pair to have in your collection, and it will clearly be your favorite very soon.

100% brand and high quality.
Adopt the exclusive TPE triangle headphone wire, it is more durable and easy to tidy.
1.25m length cable can meet your different demands such as iPods, iphones, bring more convenience for you.
Superb sound output and enhanced bass
Powerful audio with crystal clear sound
Lightweight, stylish and fashionable
Support iPods ,PDA, PSP, Laptops, MP3,MP4,CD/DVD players, Samsung, apple iphone, HTC phones with a 3.5mm headphone / earphone output jack.

Driver Diameter: 16mm
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity(S.P.L): 110±3dB(at 1KHz)
Frequency Response: 20Hz∼ 20kHz
Distortion: ≤2%
Rated power: 10mW
Max power: 30mW
Cord Length: Approx. 1.25M
Net weight: Approx. 14g
Plug: 3.5mm gold plated plug
Color: Black/White

1In-Ear Headphone


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ขาย Mrice M100 ลำโพงไร้สาย เสียงดีเยี่ยม เบสลงตัว ดีไซน์สวย มี 4 สี
ขาย Mrice M100 ลำโพงไร้สาย เสียงดีเยี่ยม เบสลงตัว ดีไซน์สวย มี 4 สี
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