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ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet

ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet
ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet thumbnail 1ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet thumbnail 2ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet thumbnail 3ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet thumbnail 4ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet thumbnail 5ขาย หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 หูฟังเสียงดี เบสดุดัน มีSmall Talk พร้อมปุ่มรับสาย - เปลี่ยนเพลง สำหรับมือถือ iPhone iPad Android Tablet thumbnail 6
หมวดหมู่ Soundmagic
ราคา 990.00 บาท
สถานะสินค้า พร้อมส่ง
แก้ไขล่าสุด 17 มี.ค. 2560
ความพึงพอใจ ยังไม่มีความคิดเห็น
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ขายหูฟัง Soundmagic MP21
 เด่นที่เสียงครบถ้วน เบสกำลังดี เสตจไม่แคบเสียงกลางไม่หดถอย
ราคา 990 บาท
ประกัน 1 ปี โดยตัวแทนจำหน่ายในไทย

อุปกรณ์ในชุดมี :
-หูฟัง Soundmagic MP21 x 1 อัน
-จุกหูฟังไซศ์เล็กเล็ก / เล็ก กลาง และ ใหญ่ x 1คู่ (รวม4คู่)
-คลิปหนีบหูฟัง x 1 อัน
-กระเป๋าหนังใส่หูฟัง x 1 ใบ

สีที่มีจำหน่าย :
ดำ (BLACK)/ขาว (White)

แนะนำแบรนด์ Soundmagic

หากเอ่ยถึงแบรนด์ Soundmagic 
หลายๆคนก็จะคิดถึงหูฟังที่เสียงดี คุณภาพเด่น ในราคาสบายกระเป๋า แต่เปี่ยมไปด้วยคุณภาพและพลังเสียงที่โดดเด่น จนไม่น่าเชื่อ
บ่อยครั้งที่หูฟัง Soundmagic จะได้รับคำชมจากนักรีวิวในเว็บชื่อดังอย่าง Head-fi , Headphonia , Trustreview หรือแม้แต่ลูกค้าทั่วไป
และได้รับรางวัลมากมาย อาทิเช่นการแนะนำในนิตยสารชื่อดังอย่าง What Hifi?Sound & Vision , Cnet และสื่ออีกมากมายหลายแขนง
หาก คุณกำลังมองหาหูฟังดีๆซักตัวข้างกาย ที่โดดเด่นทั้งพลังเสียง คุณภาพการผลิต และ การดีไซน์ Soundmagic ไม่ทำให้คุณผิดหวังอย่างแน่นอน
ในไทยเองแบรนด์ Soundmagic ก็ได้รับการตอบรับที่ดีเยี่ยมจากนักเล่นมากมาย เรียกได้ว่าเป็นหูฟังขวัญใจมหาชน ที่มีลูกค้าแนะนำมากมาย

Review : รีวิว Soundmagic MP21 
by ClieOs@Head-fi
Driver: 9mm Dynamic
Impedance: 12 Ω
Sensitivity: 97dB±2 dB / mW @ 1kHz
Frequency Response: 15Hz~22kHz
Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped mini plug
Weight: 8g
Cable: 1.2m
Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality
PL21 comes in a similar style packaging as PL50, differentiating both from the older generation of SoundMAGIC's IEM. If anything, they do look more upscale than their price tags suggested. Inside, there are four pair of silicone single flange eartips (S, M, L, XL) and three pair of foam tips (S, M, L), warranty card, shirt clip, soft pouch and a pair of ear hook.

Build quality wise, PL21 is almost on par with PL50: the Y-splitter design is identical, but PL50 does have a slightly thicker cable and a similar but stronger mini plug. PL21's earpieces are similar to PL20, but smaller, prettier and have a slight angled nozzle.

Microphonics is about average on PL21, but the inclusion of shirt clip, ear hook and the angled nozzle make it easier to wear it over-the-ear which should ground any microphonics problem. Isolation is a tiny bit below average on the stock eartips, but better on the foam tips. I end up using Sony Hybrid clone (sourced from eBay) which gives a slightly better seal and isolation compared to the stock eartips. Overall, PL21 has one of the best build quality on all the $20-ish IEM I have seen.
Sound Quality
As usual, a minimum of 50 hours burn-in was carried out before the audition. As mentioned above, I used the Sony Hybrid clone eartips for the review. Though they are clone, the sonic signature is actually almost identical, which tend to absorb a tiny bit on the top end while gives a more solid bass, turning the sound slightly warmer and smoother. For PL21, it doesn't sound slightly less airy than the stock tips, but the gain on a more solid mid and bass performance due to a better seal is still an overall improvement IMO.

The overall sound signature is warm to slight dark, musical, smooth, and has a small emphasis on the mid. Bass extends very deep, does rumbling sub-bass better than any IEM of its class while retaining very good control. Quantitatively not a bass monster but it does show a good bass impact and body. Mid is full, a little forward and vocal is sweet, no sibilance to speak of. Treble has a decent extension but lacks sparkle to show fine detail. Soundstage is about average.

Well priced, well built, and a good sound - PL21 is one very solid IEM in the $20 range. As an overall package, perhaps it even rivals most of the sub-$40 options out there as one of the best all-arounder.

Review : รีวิว Soundmagic MP21 
by Faheem@Head-fi

Little Background :

A few years back when I had just started my journey of attaining audio nirvana in the form of portable setup ,finding a ‘value for money’ IEM with exceptional sound quality in India was almost impractical. There was the mighty EP-630 which was everyone's favourite, Other than that the only additional options we had were a few Sony, Philips lineup which really didn't sound all that great, barring a few models; ofcourse, Sennheiser was available as well and had a price tag which would empty your wallets.
Something that is reasonable yet truly magical in terms of Sound was missing until people started talking about a company called SoundMagic whose flagship model- the PL-30 took all the IEM lovers and audio enthusiasts on head-fi by surprise. An IEM costing just about 25-30$ and sound comparable to twice-thrice it's price.

It didn't take much time for Sound magic to come up with more VFM options like PL-11,PL-12 etc and soon they were selling like hot cakes. 

Introducing the SoundMagic PL-21 and MP-21.

Among all the brands available today ,Soundmagic still remains one of my most recommended personal choices as it is one brand which consistently delivers the best possible musical earphones for each price bracket.
Today we have a look at yet another new budget offering from SoundMagic -the PL-21 and the MP-21.With the MP-21 which is a PL-21 with an additional mic, Soundmagic has targeted a new segment of buyers -iphone and mobile phone users.

Basically the PL-21 & MP-21 are the same IEM with the exception of an added microphone on the MP-21 for receiving calls and music controls on iphone.


These specifications are common for PL-21 & MP-21.

Driver: 9mm Dynamic
Impedance: 12 Ω
Sensitivity: 97dB±2 dB / mW @ 1kHz
Frequency Response: 15Hz~22kHz
Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped mini plug (3.5mm)
Weight: 8g
Cable: 1.2m

The impedance is pretty low ,hence these should be really easy to drive and won't need any amping as such . 

Packaging and Accessories .

The PL-21 and MP-21 both come in the new standard, small Soundmagic boxes similar to the one used for PL-30,PL-50 etc. It's a fairly miniature box with a tiny window on the front which lets you have a look at the design of the earbuds. Inside, the different eartips and accessories are well packed and immobile. The review sample I received didn't come in the retail packaging but I will try and arrange a few snaps of the box from a friend and update the same. I did receive all the accessories and different ear tips with both the IEMs which I've listed below.

The accessories consist of -
4 silicon ear tips -Small, Medium ,Large ,Xtra Large
Cable winder
Ear guides
a soft pouch 

Sound Magic seems to have done away with the round hard case which is a part of the more expensive PL-30, and PL-50 .Looks like a part of cost cutting to keep the price lower than the PL-30. Anyways, a soft pleather pouch is a part of the accessories. It's nothing spectacular but decent enough to carry the IEMs and keep them safe. I still found the hard case to be classier and more durable but I guess you get what you pay for .

Also there are no added foam tips or even the bi-flanges which are most commonly used ,as they provide slightly better isolation and bass.

As mentioned previously the PL-21 and MP-21 have identical drivers as well as the housing .Design is pretty simple and straightforward. No fancy curves and stuff. If you check out the Soundmagic lineup ,you might notice that the design is pretty similar to the PL-20, though the sound is completely different. The driver housing is made of tough plastic and is divided into two small portions. The front part has a bezelled ring around the earbuds and the rear part has the channel markings in the form of L & R. The nozzle which holds the ear tips is of the same diameter as the PL-50,hence the ear tips are interchangeable. Also the nozzle is bent at an angle for a more comfortable fit as well as better acoustics.

The earplugs can be worn straight down (traditional way ) as well as over the ears using the provided ear guides or even without them .So the users have the freedom to choose what suits them best.

Build Quality 

The build quality of Sound Magic has improved by leaps and bounds with the latest models and this is seen in the PL-21 as well as the PL50 which I will soon review. Compared to the PL-30 the construction of the PL-21 is a lot more sturdier and solid .It gives you a feel of a more upscale product and makes you feel confident about the life of the earphones. The quality of plastic is on par ,infact slightly better than most earphones of this price range and should be able to withstand a little bit of beating .
The cable is medium, soft and pliable and proper rubber strain relief is provided at every sensitive place of the cable which is prone to damage-the cable entrance near the earplugs, the splitting of the channels and near the L-shaped 3.5mm connector. Overall the cable seems durable in the long-run.
I’ve been using the MP-21 for well over 2 months ,especially with the iphone as the added mic prevents me from removing the phone from my pocket to attend calls during my commute in local trains. Google for mumbai locals and you would know what a mad rush it is .The fact that the MP-21 has been able to withstand all the abusing and pulling during my commute assures that the cable is indeed well built.

Sound Quality . 

Before testing the earphones I gave them a straight 50-70 hrs burn-in .To get a fair idea of the sound signature and avoid any added coloration by the source ,the IEMs were tested using different portable as well as desktop sources.

Test Setup used :
Portable : Sansa Clip+ and Iphone 2G 
Desktop : Xonar DX / HiFiMan EF2A DAC + amp (with Mullard CV4010 tubes)

*Also the PL-21/MP-21 are easily powered so no amp was used during testing .A cheap budget amp wouldn't make much difference to the sound quality but a better sounding source will.

As usual I inserted my test disc consisting of some classic Trance/Electronica tracks ,a few hip-hop ,rock numbers and some classical /Bollywood music by A.R.Rahman. A new addition to my test tracks are the FLACs from Enigma-Platinum collection and some New Age music by Enya.

So how does it sound ? 

Every IEM has that first impression when you put them in your ears. Sometimes you love the sound , sometimes you hate it due to the sibilance ,bright treble etc.
When I tried the PL-21 for the first time, I was blown away! I knew I had a winner in my hand .It didn’t sound anything like a 20$ IEM. It immediately reminded me of the SoundMagic PL-30 because the sound signature is so very similar .The same lush , smooth midrange with a well extended treble and a soundstage unbeatable for this price. The only thing that gets better here is the solid amount of bass. 

Here are the detailed observations on the sound notes :

Bass : 

The bass is solid and heavy and extends quite low.(Not as low as my RE-252,but they are in a different league altogether so comparing them wouldn't be a good idea.) Unlike PL-30 which lacked bass quantity , the PL-21 has plenty of bass, probably enough to satisfy an average user and maybe even a basshead. Comparing it to my previously reviewed/auditioned entry level IEMs , the bass is better than a PL-30,EP-630,Beta Brainwavz and pretty close to the Hippo Boom which had an insane bass. The bass is well controlled so it doesn't quite overpower the midrange and complete sound spectrum is clearly audible.

*note-The bass varies with different tips and fit. I found the bass to be very low with the deep insertion of the tips. The bass gets heavy and punchy when I pulled out the earplugs till the point that its major portion was outside my ears and only the eartips part was inserted .Also the bass gets a little more controlled and punchy with the foam tips 

Midrange :

Similar to the PL-30, it’s the midrange which steals the show. The PL-21s produce a really smooth ,lush midrange which is slightly more upfront compared to the PL-30.Especially the lower midrange frequencies are faintly more prominent. The guitar strings ,electronic key notes of electonica music and other instruments sound completely blissful. 
Again depending on the fit , the midrange varies. With deep insertion it is crystal clear and detailed but with a low punchy bass-similar to the PL-30s.With just the ear tips inserted to the point it seals your ear perfectly - the midrange takes a slight hit at the cost of more bass. Not really noticeable if you need that boom, but just thought I would mention it because in this case the midrange sounds nothing like that of the PL-30.


The treble is decent with a hint of spark .Its not very highly detailed as well and doesn't quite extend till the end of the spectrum. I could notice the treble roll-off around 14-15 Khz. I think this is one position where the PL-30s are marginally better.

Soundstage :

Soundstage is great for the price. Not too wide or deep but has good imaging on a 2D plane .Its a lot better than what other IEMs in this price range have to offer. Its quite similar to the PL-30 but sounds a bit more closed, maybe due to the design or extended bass.

Overall the PL-21 /MP-21 have a sound which is unbeatable for their current price. Its like you get a Soundmagic PL30 with more heavy bass for 5$ /200 bucks lesser. It mainly depends on the sound tastes as well . The PL-30 still remain as one of the most appreciated IEMs as they have a more balanced sound while the PL-21 adds a little more fun to the PL-30s.

I would award them a 4.5/5 for the amazing blissful sound they produce.

(* The sound rating is weighed, in comparison to the sound of other IEMs in the particular price range only. It is not to be compared with my other IEM reviews of different segment because a midrange IEM rated 4/5 would actually sound better than a 4.5/5 of an entry level IEM. In short the rating is mainly based on sound to price ratio and given just to give a fair idea of their value).It's best if you make sure the sound signature suits your taste instead of comparing it with other models.

Conclusion :

Soundmagic has done it again .They have successfully produced another budget champ which in my opinion is capable of outdoing any other IEM in this price range. For just about 20$ the PL-21s and especially the MP-21 with a mic are complete steal deals. 

+ amazing midrange 
+ solid bass
+ excellent build quality
+ superb value for money - unbeatable for the price

Cons :
-slight treble roll -off
-fit/comfort could be better
-lack of hard case/ additional tips .

Now I know , soon after the review is published and after most folks finish reading it , they would be still be confused between the PL-21 and the PL-30 because you can see they come pretty close and sound similar.
In this regards I would like to say that the additional ear tips and the hard case makes PL-30 a more “value for money offering” at just 200 bucks more, but as I always say, “choose according to your sonic tastes !”

If balanced sound is what you want , it's the PL-30 . If you want a slightly more bassy sound for cheapest possible price,get the PL-21. You won't go wrong with any of them because they really are the best you can get for the price !

SoundMAGIC PL21 Description

SoundMAGIC PL21 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones. You have found the perfect combination of superior quality and value with SoundMAGIC's PL21 earphones. SoundMAGIC have created the PL21 by uniting expertise with advanced technologies, utilising years of know-how in acoustic engineering. With a well-built and robust metal construction of the housing and extensive accessories the PL21 boasts an innovative design. Delivering a well-balanced and accurate sound with an even mid-range and precision of treble notes.

SoundMAGIC's PL21 angled sound tubes are designed to sit perfectly in the ear canal for a secure and comfortable fit. Combine this with various sizes of included eartips and you achieve a flawless seal keeping unwanted noise out, while sealing your music in. Requiring less volume from the audio source enables exciting sound with the added advantage of preserving healthy hearing.

To make sure the PL21 earphone stays in place, included optional cable guides allow for the earphones to be worn over-the-ear enabling a secure fit. A wide array of accessories make this earphone package complete.

Delivering sound eminence and quality uncanny for the price - SoundMAGIC PL21.

SoundMAGIC PL21 IEM Sideview

Reasonably Priced, Big Brand Quality
While maintaining value for you, SoundMAGIC earphones utilise quality components that can be found in more expensive earphones.

Well-Balanced & Accurate Sound
Extensive experience in acoustic engineering allows the creators of SoundMAGIC PL21 to implement the know-how from an expert approach to bring you superior, accurate audio. These metal housing earphones have been created to enjoy music to the fullest.

Robust Construction
Utilising a well-built metal housing in the production of the earphone body, the PL21 earphones are built to last.

Perfect Fit with Stay-In-Ear Design
Ergonomically designed angled sound tubes sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably without falling out, combined with the optional over ear cable creates a sure fit.

Sound Isolating Design 
In-ear design coupled with angled sound tubes and the right eartips seal music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Resulting in lower volume requirements, this design allows you to protect your hearing from damage loud music can cause.

Added Accessories
Bundled in the box you will find silicon eartips in different sizes including XL silicon eartips to find the perfect seal. Further accessories include a cable clip, and a handy travel pouch.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency range: 15Hz-22KHz
  • DC resistance: 12±10% Ω
  • Sensitivity: 97±2dB
  • Sound coupling to the ear: In-ear
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Connection: Stereo mini jack plug 3.5 mm

SoundMAGIC PL21 Features

  • Compact and portable design
  • Professional HIFI earphone, has very good noise cancel effect, Achieve -20dB.
  • Suitable for MP3/MP4, CD, music mobile phone, laptop etc.
  • Comfortable, sound-isolating ear-tips reduce noise.
  • Super bass response and outstanding clarity
  • Very balanced sound quality with deep bass, smooth mids and well defined highs and the experience is pure high fidelity.
  • Featuring in-ear-design, the PL21 offers unparalleled comfort for long-term listening

Package Includes

  • SoundMAGIC PL21 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones in Black
  • Silicone eartips in four different sizes (S/M/L/XL)
  • Shirt clip
  • Travel pouch

SoundMAGIC PL21 Earphones with Accessories



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